3 Fonteinen Hommage (season 18|19) Blend No. 71 [cherry&raspberries] 5.8% 750 ml


Lambic – Framboise/ 750 ml / 5.8%

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Bottling date: 09/05/19

Deze Hommage heeft een finale fruitintensiteit van 353 gram fruit (per liter Hommage. De lambikken zijn afkomstig van 4 verschillende tonnen en van 6 verschillende brouwsels.

This particular Hommage has a final fruit intensity is 353 grams of fruit per liter of Hommage. The lambics originate from 4 different barrels and 6 different brews.

3 Fonteinen Hommage is the result of macerating hand-picked whole sour cherries and raspberries on young lambic for at least four months, in a proportion of 760 to 800 grams of raspberries and 200 to 240 grams of sour cherries per litre of lambic. This fruit lambic is then blended again with more lambic to obtain a minimum intensity of 35% fruit. Hommage is a bodied raspberry lambic beer, with an intense deep red forest fruit bouquet. This unfiltered and unpasteurised lambic is all-natural with no artificial juices, syrups, or sugars added.

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