Pohjala Torm, Imperial Gose 8% 330 ml (банка)


Sour – Fruited Gose

8% ABV

10 IBU


Немає в наявності


Міцне кисле і солоне пшеничне пиво, зварене з брусницею, кінчиками вересу та медом/

A strong sour and salty wheat beer brewed with lingonberry, heather tips, and honey.

Taste: First comes an inviting honey like sweetness and sourdough bread, balanced by a cascade of lingonberry and fruit character. Smooth wheat slides in, followed by freshly zested lemon riding in with the acidity, whilst a crisp berry bitterness comes through on the aftertaste.

Appearance: Rose gold with a light pink hue.

Nose: Lingonberries and freshly blooming heather.

Malts: Pale malt, Wheat malt, Flaked Spelt, Flaked Wheat

Hops: HBC 431, Coriander seeds, Lingonberries, Honey, Heather tips, Himalayan pink salt

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