Apex Brewing – Maelstrom DIPA 8% 440 ml (банка)

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IPA – Imperial / Double New England / Hazy
8% ABV

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Customer disclaimer: There is no way to adequately prepare your taste buds and your brain’s reward centre for what’s coming, in terms of the magical over the top fruity honey dew-backed-up-by-a-pleasant-lingering-grapefruit-bitterness treat you will receive when you crack one of these bad boys open. We’d also like to throw in ”mango” as a descriptor but it might seem too obvious. Is it too obvious? It’s too obvious, right? Is it? Nah..screw it – ”..and perfectly ripe, freshly cut mango”. There you have it. We double dry hopped this double India Pale Ale with Galaxy, Topaz and a completive even sprinkle of Amarillo. The result is objectively phenomenal. Cheers mango lovers!

Maris Otter Extra Pale, Flaked Wheat & Chitmalt

Galaxy, Topaz & Amarillo

WLP066 London Fog

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