Lervig Bad Haircut 330 ml (банка)


IPA – Imperial / Double
7.5% ABV / 31ibu

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Bad Haircut is a full bodied, hazy, double dry-hopped DIPA with a super clean mouthfeel. Coming in at 7,5% ABV it’s both flavourful and fresh. The flaked barley and pilsner malt allow the piney, tropical, citrusy, notes of Idaho 7 shine through without obstruction. That’s complemented by stone fruit and dark berry characteristics from HBC 431 hops for an intensely aromatic and flavourful DIPA.

We think it’s fair to say that somewhere along the way we’ve all had a bad haircut (especially the time of home-made haircuts)… We certainly have. So we decided to give you a bad haircut that you’ll actually like.

We hope it takes your mind off your bad haircut, at least for a little while.

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